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Available Services

Kearney's specializes in all kinds of watch repairs both major and minor. We do everything from simple battery replacement to complete technical revisions and lots in between.

  • Watch Battery Replacement
  • Watch Strap Replacement
  • Watch Strap Adjustment and Repair
  • Realignment and Replacement of Hands
  • Digit Replacement
  • Crown and Crystal Resealing
  • Crystal and Stem Replacement
  • Replacement and Lubrication of Gaskets
  • Watch Cleaning (Internal and External)
  • Clasp Replacement
  • Dryouts for Watches that have become wet
  • Safety Chains for Watchstraps
  • BatteryOperated Clock Repair
  • Pins for Straps of Almost all shapes and sizes
  • Pocket Watch Chains
  • And More...

 We service and repair garden watches to glamour watches, and watch brands from Timex to Rolex and everything in between.